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Parents and athletes need to manage their SportsEngine accounts to ensure they get the most out of their Hopkins Youth Hockey Association experience during each sporting season. With their accounts properly configured, athletes and their families will receive communications according to their preferences and be able to complete registrations more efficiently.  SportsEngine has created a Team Management Guide for Parents and Athletes that will help our members with frequently asked questions about our website and mobile app. 

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New to Hopkins Hockey?

Welcome.  We have a number of resources to help you get started.    Click on the link here to access additional information:  New To Hockey

For any additional questions, please refer to the Board Page for a list of Board Members and their specific areas of responsibility to direct your question to the appropriate person.

Play Bingo. Support HYHA.

Tuttles in Hopkins now offers bingo, Wednesday nights at 7PM. 


JJ's Clubhouse in Golden Valley now offers bingo, Saturdays, from 2-4.  

Mainstreet Bar & Grill in downtown Hopkins now has bingo on Saturdays, from 2-4.  

Hello HYHA Family,


Today was the funeral for long time board member and Gambling Manager Angie Quale.  As I was sitting at the service today hearing about all the thousands of volunteer hours that Angie gave to HYHA it was truly amazing.  Next time you are at the PAV take a minute to say a mental thank you to Angie because without her work as charitable gambling manager none of the remodel of the PAV would have been possible.


 As we start the hockey season, and thinking about wins and losses and what tournaments we’re playing, I want you to stop and think about what is really important.  It’s not our record at the end of the year but the friends we made and the community we built.  So, as we approach the Thanksgiving weekend be thankful for your friends and family because as Angie learned you never know how much time you have with them.   For those of you who knew Angie, you were lucky and HYHA will miss her.  See you all at the PAV.


Go Royals!