Good to have kids back on the ice!

Listed below is a recap of the Hopkins Virtual Town Hall meeting. These rules laid out by MN Hockey Associate are subject to change.  We appreciate your flexibility as everything is still very fluid.  It is important to note that these are MN Hockey Association rules (not guidelines as before) and will be the same at all rinks (although some rinks could have further restrictions). Breaking the rules could result in consequences to the team, association and/or district.


·         Masks are required for all players and coaches on and off the ice at all times.

·         Players and coaches must wear a cloth mask/gaiter that covers the nose down to the chin

o   CCM Game ON mask and recently the Bauer Face Shield and Splash Guard combo have been approved.   If your player is switching to the Bauer Concept 3 Face Shield (Bubble mask) they need to also have the splash guard.  Without the splash guard a mask is still required.  The combo of both pieces has been approved.


·     Minnesota Hockey has modified its mouthguard rule for this season only. Mouthguards are now recommended for all players but are only required for players that are Peewee/12U and above, which aligns with USA Hockey Rule 304(f).

·         If your player has a medical condition that prohibits wearing a mouth guard and mask, you must provide a letter to the association from your family doctor.


·         No bags allowed, other than goalie bags.

·         Minnesota Hockey is prohibiting bags for all associations statewide

Locker Rooms

·         Locker rooms will be closed

Entry and Exit Process 

·         Players must arrive dressed and not earlier than 10 minutes prior to ice time and must exit 10 minutes following their ice time 

o   Practice social distancing, no spitting, no flicking ice at each other, etc.

o   Parents, please be ON TIME to pick up your player after practices.

·         Goalies must arrive, at a minimum, 1/2 dressed. They are allowed to bring a bag. 


o   Please follow traffic flow signs in the PAV or any arena you are in

Shared practice

·         No inter-mingling of teams

·         Players should stay with their pod (25 to a pod), only use entrance/exit assigned to their end of the rink


·         Parents/spectators are not allowed in the arena.

·         Players under 9 years of age or those needing assistance because of a medical condition or disability are allowed 1 parent/assistant.

·         Please maintain 6 feet physical distancing at all times. 


·         We anticipate getting more information regarding game play next week.

·         No games or scrimmages until Phase 5 return to play starts on January 14th

·         One parent from each team is allowed to live stream games if the arena doesn't provide streaming

  • PAV stream link (purchase required, HYHA working on getting us a discounted rate):
  • 2 minor officials (clock and Scoresheet)
  • Coaches 2 on the bench for games.  All rostered coaches allowed on the ice for practice
  • Players can take water on the bench but should minimize time without mask.  Recommend using a water bottle with straw


·         At this time, any tournament currently scheduled after Jan 14th will remain scheduled.

·         Any rescheduling of tournaments from the pause is currently on hold until district games are scheduled.

·         Please be patient as this will take some time


  • Hopkins dibs are cancelled at this time.
  • More information will be available once Phase 5 rules for games are announced.
  • Financial decisions about refunds will be made by the board when the season is over.

Extended Season

·         Minnesota Hockey has extended the hockey season.  New dates are listed below. 

·         Games previously scheduled on Jan 14th and beyond will remain

·         Most games missed during the pause will be added in the extended time. 

·         This is subject to change so please be checking your team calendars. 

·         New D3 season and tourney dates:

o   15UA & B, 12UA& B1:

§  Last Day of League play Feb 28th

§  District Tournament March 6-14

§  Regional Tournament March 19-21

§  State Tournament March 26-28

o   10U Teams:

§  Last Day of League Play March 14

§  District Tournament March 20-28