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Anne Finn

Volunteer Coordinator

2014-15 HYHA Volunteer Information

The Hopkins Youth Hockey Association (HYHA) is an organization run by volunteers. Volunteer efforts directly benefit HYHA players and families by setting a great example for our kids and off-setting program costs. The involvement of HYHA members is what makes us a successful organization! 

HYHA Volunteer Policy:

  • Every HYHA family is required to complete volunteer hours.
  • There are no exemptions to the volunteer requirements.
  • Please note that this is a per player requirement.
  • Each volunteer shift is generally four to five hours in duration.
  • Working the clock, penalty box, music, or announcing at home games for your travel teams are considered part of your duties in having a player in the travel program. These hours WILL NOT count toward total volunteer hours worked.
  • There is no maximum number of shifts that a family can contribute in a given year.
  • No roll-over of volunteer hours will be allowed from year to year.
  • Volunteer shifts for district tournaments hosted by HYHA at the end of the year are counted as "in season concessions" and therefore can be used to fulfill that requirement

Volunteer Requirements:

  • Mite/U8 players are required to complete one volunteer shift credit.  Shifts may be worth one credit or .5 credit.  You may work one one-credit shift or two shifts worth .5 credits each.
  • Traveling players (Squirt/U10 and above) are required to complete 3 shift credits, including one concession shift credit and two Thanksgiving Tournament shift credits.  Shifts may be worth less than one credit.  Two shifts with a .5 credit equal one shift credit.
  • The Thanksgiving Tournament is an important fundraising event for our association and relies on many dedicated volunteers in order to be successful. Traveling players may elect to complete all 3 shift credits during the Thanksgiving Tournaments.
  • HYHA Board members must complete Headquarter shifts at the Thanksgiving Tournament regardless of the level of their skater.


  • Example #1: A family with a U12 and Mite player would be required to complete 4 shifts total, with at least 2 of them completed during the Girls Thanksgiving tournament.
  • Example #2: A family with a U8, Squirt and Bantam would need to complete 7 shifts with at least 4 of them completed during the Boys Thanksgiving Tournament.
  • Example#3: A family with a U10 and Bantam player would need to complete 6 shifts, with at least 2 during the Girls Thanksgiving Tournament and 2 during the Boys Thanksgiving Tournament.

Volunteer Deposit: 

  • A volunteer deposit in the amount of $150.00 will be collected from every player prior to the start of the season. An additional $200.00 tournament deposit will be collected from every traveling player. Your registration is not complete until your volunteer and tournament deposits are received by HYHA.
  • In the event that a family does not complete their hours, their deposit check will be cashed. No refund or credit will be given for hours worked.
  • Deposit checks will not be returned upon completion of volunteer hours, but will be shredded to save mailing costs.

Volunteer Shifts: Sign up in Dibs

Please note: In order to sign up for volunteer shifts, you must login to the HYHA website using the same account that you used to register your skater(s) for the current season.  Requirements are based on the registration information you provided.  

Using the DIBS Volunteer System:

It is easy to get started in the DIBS volunteer system.

Please use these following steps.

1. Log into the HYHA website. Click on the DIBS tab on the top navagation bar.
2. Click on the type of DIBS Session you are interested in reviewing for shifts. Review the details and then click the claim button that will appear at the bottom of the page to sign up or claim the session.
3. Optional: You can adjust the parameters at the top of the page for the dates, length of shifts and location of your choosing.
4. An email reminder will be sent to the email address listed on the account profile 1 day prior to the day of your shift.
5. If you need to cancel your DIBS session you must do this through DIBS.

If you do not see any volunteer opportunities listed, either there are no volunteer shifts currently open or you have logged in using the wrong account.

Volunteer Shifts: Information

Can I cancel a shift if something comes up?

Cancellations will only be honored if requested more than 14 days prior to the shift. If there is a hardship, please contact the volunteer coordinator. If you are unable to cancel a shift you can always try to hire someone to work it for you. A list of individuals available to hire can be found below. It is absolutely unacceptable to show up for a shift, sign in and then leave before the end of the shift.

When will my shift be credited?

The sign-in sheets from the concession stand and boosters will be picked up on a weekly basis. The hours will be credited in DIBS from those lists. Be sure to sign in and complete the required information on those lists. If you do not receive credit within 14 days of working your shift, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator for Tournament shifts or the Concessions Coordinator for concession shifts 

Can I hire someone to work my shifts for me?

We encourage our membership to personally work their required volunteer in the spirit of community and team work.  But if for some reason you need help in completing your volunteer time, please see below for a list of people willing to work concession shifts for $10 an hour. You are responsible for contacting them, paying them and then communicating who will be working in your place.  You are also responsible for that person completing your shift or the no-show policy will take affect.

Why didn't I get an email reminding me of my Volunteer shift?

You may need to update your contact information on your website account.  This is different than supplying HYHA with contact information during the registration process.  In order to change your email contact, login using the same username/account that was used to register your skater for the current season.  Click on your username at the very top of the web page and choose account settings from the drop down menu.  From there click on the tab "add email address" and follow the directions provided.

Thanksgiving Tournament Volunteer Instructions

The documents below are instructions for the various positions assigned to Volunteers for the Thanksgiving Tournament. Please download the instruction set for the postion you will be fulfilling and bring the instructions with you to the arena.  Thanks for volunteering your time!

2014-2015 Approved Tournament Subs

Patrice Taylor

952-451-2430 ptaylor@nemerfieger.com

Zack Taylor 952-807-1658
Hazukas 952-938-6622
Griffin Meuwissen 763-647-9959
Megan Anderson 612-655-6049
Morgan Langert 612-423-7708
Marianne Wertzler 612-518-7352
Alex Holden 612-636-3418, or  612-310-4949
Joe Nelsen 612-730-3859 - Sundays
Rachael St Clair 612-709-5079
Nick Solberg 952-681-9509
Dan Kahner 612-860-4614
Jimmy Kahner 952-649-0071
Johnny Kahner 952-607-1966
Drew Resig 763-923-1964
Dylan Resig 763-923-3192
Mary Johnstone 612-581-6404
Erin Kaplan 612-723-0526
Luke Peterson 612-670-8372
William Brodersen 952-250-6920
A.J. Condon 612-590-5405
Zach Condon 952.297.2294
Maya Condon 952-688-7272
Evan Norkosky brendanorkosky@yahoo.com

Andrew Myers                          952-374-8345

Jack Sweeney                          952-388-3935

Jacob Silverstein                       952-500-0758

To hire a sub from this list please contact them directly.  You must arrange payment directly and you remain responsbile for the shift.