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Team Managers

Welcome to the Manager's Page

Here you will find information on managing an HYHA hockey team.  If there is content that you would like added to the page, please send an email to Cheryl Myers at cmyers.m2b@gmail.com


Are you interested in becoming a Team Manager?

The team manager is in charge of coordination and communication of all operational aspects of your Hopkins Youth Hockey Team.  You are the main liaison and support between the coaching staff and the team and parents, to be sure that the season runs smoothly. 


General Duties…  

  • Attend the Mandatory Coach’s and Managers meeting at the beginning of the season.  Schedule the start of year meeting with all parents and players.  This is a meeting where the coach sets the table for the year.  Discusses expectations and answers any questions.  This takes place within the first week or so of the season. 
  • Manage the team's budget for ancillary team expenses and handle the team checking account.  Checkbook to be provided by HYHA Treasurer 
  • Work with the HYHA Equipment Manager for team equipment.  Make sure all equipment is properly used, maintained, and returned at the end of the year.   
  • Be a communication liaison for the HYHA Board of Directors to all the families on your team.  Communicate the team’s ice times for practices and games.  Keep team records such as league standings, overall team records and statistics with respect to team - performance as requested by the Coach.  Update team webpage as necessary. 
  • Make team records available at each league game and tournament. The Team Manager must retain, throughout the season, the District 3 official team roster, Waiver Forms, Consent to Treat Medical Forms, and a copy of each coaches CEP card.  The association registrar will provide this Book to you.  You must bring it to every game and/or tournament and return it at the end of the year. 
  • Schedule non-league games/scrimmages in conjunction with the coach’s request and obtain referees for these games (this is a team expense).  The association schedules all league games, which includes pre-paid referees. 
  • The home team is responsible for a scorekeeper and timekeeper. The Team Manager shall perform this duty or assign it to a parent on the team.  Many teams have a rotating schedule.  The Sign-up Genius website is a useful tool to manage, track, and inform families of their responsibilities. 
  • Report scores of all league games after each game (you will be given instructions at the Mandatory District 3 Coaches and Managers Meeting) 
  • Handle team travel arrangements for out of town tournaments.  Most out of town arrangements have been pre-booked and the specific HYHA Tournament Coordinator will communicate this to you at the beginning of the season.

Managers Calendar

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Minnesota Hockey Goalie Shut out Page

You can now submit your goalies shutouts to Minnesota Hockey to be posted on their website for all to see. Contact information can be found at this link.

2013-14 HYHA Volunteer Information

2013-14 HYHA Volunteer Information The Hopkins Youth Hockey Association is an organization run by its volunteers and depends on the assistance of its members to function as a successful organization. It is critical that we all share in the commitment to produce a quality program. Volunteers are absolutely essential to maintaining and growing the Hopkins Youth Hockey Association. The more volunteers we have, the better our association becomes.

Volunteer Requirements:
• Every family is required to complete volunteer hours.
Mite/U8 players are required to complete one volunteer shift
Traveling players, Squirt/U10 and above, are required to complete 3 shifts (1 concession shift and 2 Thanksgiving Tournament shifts at the gender appropriate tournament).
• HYHA Board members must complete Headquarter Shifts at the Thanksgiving Tournament regardless of the level of their skater
• Please note that this is a per player requirement and there is no limit to volunteer shifts per family. (Volunteer shifts are generally 4-5 hours in duration.)
NEW for the 2013-14 Season: Because the Thanksgiving Tournament is an important fundraising event for our association and relies on many dedicated volunteers in order to be successful, the HYHA Board has decided on the following change: Travelling players may elect to complete all 3 shifts during the Thanksgiving Tournaments and Mite Players may elect to complete their volunteer shift during the tournament weekends as well.

o Example #1: A family with a U12 and Mite player would be required to complete 4 shifts total, with at least 2 of them completed during the Girls Thanksgiving tournament.
o Example #2: A family with a U8, Squirt and Bantam would need to complete 7 shifts with at least 4 of them completed during the Boys Thanksgiving Tournament.
o Example#3: A family with a U10 and Bantam player would need to complete 6 shifts, with at least 2 during the Girls Thanksgiving Tournament and 2 during the Boys Thanksgiving tournament

• Working the clock, penalty box, music, or announcing at home games for your travel teams are considered part of your duties in having a player in the travel program. These hours WILL NOT count toward total volunteer hours worked.
• There are no exemptions to the volunteer requirements. And there is no maximum number of shifts that a family can contribute in a given year. No roll-over of volunteer hours will be allowed from year to year.
• Volunteer shifts for District tournaments hosted by HYHA at the end of the year, will be filled by the team playing in the Home tournament. These shifts do not count towards your Volunteer requirements.

Volunteer Deposit: 

• A Volunteer Deposit in the amount of $150.00 will be collected from every player prior to the start of the season. Your registration is not complete until your volunteer deposit is received by HYHA.
• In the event that a family does not complete their hours, their deposit check will be cashed. No refund or credit will be given for hours worked.
• Checks will not be returned upon completion of volunteer hours, but will be shredded to save mailing costs

Team Managers

 Email Cheryl Myers,HYHA Communications Director  to gain access to team pages and email communications.  When you send the email, please include the exact team you need access to.. for instance, BOYS Bantam X... You will then be granted permission to edit the team information for that specific team. 


NGIN website Support

This link will take you to NGIN's (our website host) support page. Here you can find answers to questions you might have while using the website and updating your team pages.

Scrimmage Request Form - Refs

Use this link to request officials from the BHRA (Beltline Hockey Referee Association) to work your scrimmage(s). Requests must be submitted a minimum of three days prior to the event to ensure that officials are available to work your event.

Electronic Background Screening Form - Minnesota Hockey

This link will take you to the MN Hockey Electronic Screening Form. Simply click on Register in the gray box and follow the instructions in order to complete the Background Screening form online. All coaches, managers and locker room monitors must complete the screening form.